We operate out of a full-fledged and optimized facility that is equipped with state of the art tools and machineries and along with our highly qualified and trained staff, we are capable of handling and delivering the following.


Rewinding and Servicing of Motors

Rewinding and servicing motors for almost two decades, we comply with all NEMA standards and provide best in class enamel copper winding with high H class insulation.

Dealing in LV & HV equipment, both AC and DC, with highly qualified trained staff we are able to handle any equipment from fractional HP to any capacity working with both round and strip wire gauges. We believe in High standards and are able to deliver swiftly with most affordable prices.

  • AC motors
  • DC motors
  • IEC motors
  • Arbor motors
  • Explosion-proof motors
  • (Ex ‘e’ & Ex ‘d’ Motors)
  • Hermetic motors
  • High-Efficiency AC motors
  • Induction motors
  • Marine motors
  • Permanent magnet motors
  • Servo motors
  • Slip ring motors
  • Spindle motors
  • Submersible motors
  • Synchronous motors and generators — brush & brushless
  • Variable speed motors
  • Vertical motors
  • Wound-rotor AC motors
  • Custom designed & specialty motors

Rewinding and Servicing of Generators

We undertake Rewinding and Servicing of Generators from 12 KVA to 4000 KVA, and have a long term relationship with most of all the leading generator OEM’s and rental companies in and around the MENA region.

With an in-house dynamic balancer, High Voltage testers and a fully-fledged dedicated machine shop we are able to comply with all the international standards at an optimal cost.

We also do individual parts servicing and winding like Rewinding and repairing of:

  • Main Stator
  • Main Rotor
  • Exciter Stator
  • Exciter Rotor and Pmg
  • AVR
  • Diode
  • Suppressor
  • Bearing replacement etc.

Pump and Gearboxes Services and Repair

We service and repair pump units from 0.5 HP up to any capacity for various industries like Residential, Commercial and Industrial building to entire District Cooling Facilities and plants.

We also service, repair gearboxes and manufacture gears as per specification for EOT cranes, cooling tower gearbox units and motor gearbox reducers.

Mechanical and Fabrication Work

Our fabrication division consists of experienced Welders and Machinist to manufacture any part or entire assemblies based on required designs.

Dynamic Balancing

In the Dynamic Balancing Division, dynamic balancing is carried out on an Fully Automatic Balancer by qualified staff, we undertake all kinds of balancing like, blowers, shafts, fans and impellers, rotors, rollers etc.

Other Services

  • Rewinding of transformers.
  • Rewinding brake & clutch coils, solenoid coils, welding machines.
  • Annual maintenance contracts for motors, generators and pump units.

For any further enquiry please contact us